Recognise and Acknowledge the Demands of Consulting Copy

Client Management

  • Recognize clients are also human
    • Expect surprises

Time Management

  • Set your priorities and re-evaluate them regularly
    • Stay organised – plan effectively
    • Don’t overload yourself

Health Management & life balance

  • Be alert to and know how to cope with symptoms of stress
    • Strive to maintain good health (e.g. exercise, diet, vacations etc.)

Personal and Professional Development

  • Stay current in your area(s) of expertise
    • Regard mistakes as learning experiences
    • Learn and benefit from the experience of others
    • Ask for help when you need it (teamwork)

Is there more than this course?

Consider the following:

  • Interaction skills
    • Time management
    • Communication skills
    • Personal branding and marketing
    • Managing your practice professionally and profitably
    • Social networking
    • Continuing professional development
    • Influencing with integrity
    • Negotiating ethically
    • ISO 20700

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