Proposal Production Copy


The production of the proposal can be seen as a project in its own right. It consists of the following activities:

    •  Planning and organizing the production process and assembling the required resources and components.
    •  Determining the proposal structure and strategy.
    •  Writing the proposal itself.
    •  Applying Quality Control and obtaining approvals

Planning and Organizing the Production Process

  • Plan according to submission deadlines.
  •  Assemble the proposal/bid team.
  •  Ensure adequate resources:
    o People
    o Equipment
    o Stationery
  •  Assign tasks appropriately and co-ordinate effort.

Notes:  Treat it as a mini project

Proposal Structure Issues

  • Length.
  • Degree of specificity or detail.
  • Relative importance of sections.
  • Order of sections.
  • Body vs. Appendices.
  • All sections required? Do we include or leave things out?
  • Executive overview? Addressing the possibility of differing target audiences.
  • To be supported by a presentation?

Writing the Proposal

Proposal and business writing is a subject in its own right. We cannot do justice to the topic here but we will raise key issues to be considered.

  • Use formal language.
  • Singular, plural “us”, “we” “the company” “I”.
  • Use active, not passive voice and style.
  • Use style and length which are appropriate to the client/problem/price.
  • Ensure readability and flow (choose between bullets or detail).
  • Balance usage of graphics, tables and text.
  • Sequence sections logically – build the business case.
  • Use the main body and appendices appropriately.
  • Use consistent layouts (boilerplate/ templates/fonts/ styles). Ensure that it creates the required image and impression!
  • Use software tools (spell/grammar checkers, thesaurus).
  • Ensure consistency with the presentation that may be required.
  • Make provision for a legal review (proposal may become the contract).
  • Allow for effective management and peer review (Quality Assurance) and formal sign off.
  • Manage production and logistics in accordance with delivery deadlines.

Visual Impact is Key!

Apply Quality Controls(QC) & obtain approval

  • Why bother with Quality Control?
  • What should be Quality Controlled?
  • Who approves what?
  • Is this a necessary process in consultancies?
  • Why?

Hibbit Case Study – Preparing the Proposal

Using the Hibbit case study, draft a proposal to the client. The proposal should be for presentation to an imaginary client.

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