Probability of consultant success

Probability of consultant success

By referring to the CLIENT ANALYSIS MATRIX give your assessment of the probability that this Consultant will achieve a CLIENT CONTRACT to commence an intervention in this matter and give your reasons for your answer.

Technical expertise

What specific technical expertise is likely to be necessary for this consulting intervention and why?

Face value

On face value would you take on this intervention if you had the choice and why?

Interim investigation

What additional information does the consultant need in this case before putting forward a proposal and where should it be obtained from?

Core problem

From the background and dialogue give an interim assessment of the core business problem that needs to be addressed, in terms of cause and effect.

Consultant’s approach

Prepare a brief outline of the Consultant’s approach to the next meeting with George Vincent. In this outline prepare to achieve both the client’s and the consultant’s desired outcome.

Intervention viewpoint

Would there be any fundamental differences in an external consultant’s approach to the proposed intervention as compared to an internal consultant’s approach?

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