Positioning and Differentiation Copy

Objectives to Be Met by a Successful Proposal

  • Convince the client to use your firm – positioning.
  • Develop a Compelling Sales Pitch.
  • Reach a Clear Unambiguous Agreement.
  • Close the deal or at least prepare the ground.

Are there other objectives you can think of? Note them for yourself

The best proposals keep these criteria in mind


Positioning and differentiation

The proposal should position the consultant by addressing the issues below in a manner that clearly differentiates the consultant from the competition.

  • Right reputation/ Prior experience
  • Right style – culture match
  • Right team / skills / subcontractors
  • Right approach, tools, methods
  • Right timetable – compelling event
  • Right deliverables and added value
  • Right price – not necessarily the cheapest

A good proposal wins the business at a fair price

Developing a compelling sales pitch

The proposal should ask and answer the following questions:

  • Why this vendor, using this approach at this price and at this time?
  • What are the key factors driving the prospect’s buying decision at each level (speed, quality and/or price) and have they been specifically addressed?
  • Did we match and assign our own strengths to the appropriate client buying influences?
  • Have we provided a sound business case and shown that we can add true value?

Clear Agreement

Remember: The proposal represents a legal understanding between the parties and commitment between the parties and may become the contract

  • The proposal should be cohesive, clearly stated and scoped.
  • It should clearly define what will be done by whom, when, how and why, at what cost, over what timeframe and with what results and deliverables.

A good proposal design prepares the ground for a close

  • A good proposal prepares the ground for a sales close.
  • The better the proposal, the easier the close.
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