Group Exercise

  • Skilled diplomat/tactician – addressing political situations and or conflict.
  • Counsellor/devil’s advocate – being able to come up with reasons not to follow a particular path.
  • Problem Analyst – being able to solve problems efficiently and effectively.
  • Technical wizard – having a specific and specialised skill which is required at the time.
  • Project manager – managing a project on behalf of the client or simply managing the consulting project/intervention.
  • Interim executive/contractor – being asked to fulfill a line role within the clients organization.
  • Facilitator – Workshop, learning or team facilitator.
  • Other roles – Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Expert, Strategist, Teacher

Reputation of Management Consultants

Reputational issues

  • Good or bad experiences with consultants in the past.
  • Consultants can be their own worst enemies due to behaviour or arrogance.
  • Client does not always know how to measure value because this is an intangible service where perceptions may rule.
  • Consultant does not always meet client expectations. This can be due to a lack of clarification or poor communication.

How does this relate to the concept of “professionalism”?

Required Capabilities & Competencies

A consultant needs to have a broad range of competencies which are grouped according to the international competence framework.

  • The ability to consult and advise decision makers
  • General management competencies and a deep understanding of how businesses operate
  • Specialist competencies which include specific functional and sectoral competencies
  • Personal and Interpersonal and communication skills (listening/verbal/written) EI
  • Marketing, influencing, rapport building and selling skills
  • Project and team management skills
  • Professionalism and ethics (the ability to build trust) and the related behaviours
  • Practice management skills (at least knowledge of the commercial aspects of consulting)
  • Continuous Self Development and keeping up-to-date with current events and trends
  • Quick on their feet and action orientated
  • Suitably qualified in the area in which he/she consults
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