Define Resourcing Requirements Copy

Define Resourcing Requirements

Define Project Organisation Roles and Responsibilities

Individual Roles

  • Executive sponsor
  • Project owner
  • Project manager
  • Project champion
  • Technical team leader
  • Other project resources

Group Roles

  • Steering Committee

Establish project Steering Committee, project office and relevant logistics

  • Office space, supplies
  • Administrative support
  • Computer/network access
  • Transport and lodging

Role of Steering Committee

  • Approves the project charter
  • Provides overall direction to the project
  • Co-ordinates the use of enterprise resources
  • Reviews and approves work plans and deliverables
  • Ensures that project results meet the organisation’s business requirements
  • Ensures that appropriate standards are met

Composition of Steering Committee

  • 4-8 members = executives of the business area
  • Include the Executive Sponsor, the Project Owner, optionally the Project Champion and a representative from each business area affected

Conduct Project Team Orientation

  • Review proposal and work plan tasks
  • Confirm team organisation (roles and responsibilities) and deliverable flow
  • Confirm key project dates and schedules
  • Review/learn project software and tools
  • Confirm issue identification and resolution approach
  • Confirm status reporting requirements and mutual expectations
  • Confirm documentation approach and organisation
  • Establish relevant expense reimbursement policies
  • Develop and implement required quality management and measurement program

Agree staff objectives & evaluation procedures

  • Clarify development objectives for staff
  • Agree performance criteria
  • Agree what skills are required and which need to be developed.
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