Understanding POPIA: Protection of Personal Information Act

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What is POPIA?

The POPIA refers to the Protection of Personal Information Act. It aims to ensure that all South African Institutions adhere to responsible conduct when collecting, processing, storing and sharing others Personal Information (PI).

POPIA's Purpose

The purpose of POPIA is the following:

  • To give effect to the constitutional right to privacy by safeguarding personal information when processed by a responsible party.
  • To regulate the manner in which personal information may be processed, by establishing conditions, in harmony with international standards that prescribe the minimum threshold requirements for the lawful processing of personal information.
  • To provide persons with rights and remedies to protect their personal information from processing that is not in accordance with the Act; and
  • To establish voluntary and compulsory measures, including the establishment of an Information Regulator, to ensure respect for and to promote, enforce and fulfil the rights protected by the Act.

How does POPIA affect my organisation?

POPIA introduces a burden of complying with the Act in aligning organisational policies, procedures and data management practices. This impacts all organisational sizes and industries who store or process or access personal information in the course of business (public and private).

  • The Act imposes penalties and fines/imprisonment if not adhered to.
  • This is the one major piece of legislation designed for the digital age.
  • All organisations need to comply with the full Act by the 1st July 2021.

Course and Learning Objectives

  • Develop a theoretical understanding of key definitions and requirements.
  • Analyse and develop risk insights through readings, case studies and knowledge quizzes.
  • Understand global privacy and data protection laws.
  • Identify how you deal with complying to POPIA and PAIA.
  • Learn basic techniques of risk management.
  • Start learning how to implement a POPIA aware organisational culture.
  • Look at entity areas of improvement.
  • Identify typical areas of risk.
  • Organise your office, files, methods and systems holistically.
  • Manage yourself effectively with respect to POPIA and PAIA.
  • Understand the value of the Act.
  • Change your perspective towards privacy by design.
  • Use a checklist in identifying and managing compliance.
  • Get started today!

Free Template checklists are downloadable once the course has been completed. We hope you enjoy this course as much as we did write it! 

Course Content

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Module 0 - Course Introduction
Module 1 - Primer
Module 2 - Global Data Protection and Privacy Laws
Module 3 - PAIA and POPIA
Module 4 - Additional POPIA Requirements
Module 5 - Complying with POPIA and Best Practice
Module 6 - Course Review and Template Download
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