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Pathway to Master Coaching 2: The PowerUp Coaching Model and Process

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The GROW Coaching Model is probably the most widely-utilised goal-setting and problem-solving model. It provides a simple and structured, yet comprehensive framework of four main stages of a coaching or mentoring session.

Though no-one can claim to be the sole inventor of the model, thought-leaders and writers Alan Fine and Graham Alexander, along with former racing car champion John Whitmore made large contributions to the contemporary model, which was largely developed during the 1980s and 1990s.

The PowerUp Coaching Model is based on an extended GROW model, C-GROWTH-C, with more detail added in front and at the end.

Throughout this course, we may interchange the words coachee, mentee and client, which for our purposes, are equivalent.

Before we get into the detail of the coaching models, we introduce the concepts of Macro and Micro coaching processes.

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