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This training course is aimed at independent Business Coaches and Consultants who are looking at ways to grow their business as well as adding value to their prospects, clients and partners.

It is well known that the biggest challenge that independent business owners face is generating and qualifying leads and then turning these into sustainable revenue generating relationships.

A Business Mastermind Group brings business people together to discuss and contemplate common business issues. Facilitating a live Business Mastermind Group is a great way to raise your profile while adding value to others. We know that selling is all about adding value, and facilitating a Business Mastermind Group is one of the most effective ways to sell your solutions and services.

Business Masterminds can be used effectively for both face-to-face and on-line groups.

We have been using Business Mastermind Groups as a business networking and lead generation tool for many years and over that time we have found out what works, and what does not work! 

The most important lesson we have learned is that the key to a successful Business Mastermind group is effective and professional facilitation.

This course will provide you with guidelines and advice on how to be an effective facilitator as well as providing practical tips and tools to run your own successful Business Mastermind Group.

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