The Overall Competency Framework Copy

These are based on the principle of the coach-consultant as described in the diagram below:

The coaching competencies are “Additive” to these as described in the diagram below and as mentioned, are in many cases duplicating the consulting competencies. The underlying assumption is that the coach-consultant will be a multi-dimensional individual with deep business experience and an inherent ability to change roles during an engagement. This latter competence is sorely desired by executives and business owners who are being coached and need to respect the coach’s experience and flexibility.

This approach is not in line with the purist coaching philosophies, which insist that a coach should not provide answers or advice.

You will note that the coaching competency framework includes topics such as coaching models, tools, techniques and process, indicating that the coach will have a framework, philosophy and tools that he/she will utilise in the engagements with coachees.

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