Qualities of a Good Coach Copy

There are certain behaviours and qualities required of a coach to make them credible and as a result ensure that others are receptive to being coached.

Listed below are some of the key qualities needed. How do they compare to your answers on what makes an effective coach?

Qualities of a good Coach

Able to observe and recognise potential and opportunities to coachHelpful
ResourcefulHonest/ Integrity
Allow people to learn through mistakesIdentify coaching needs
ArticulateNon-judgemental/ Fair
Body language & eye contactPatient & tolerant
Calm, friendly & caringPersistent and persuasive
Empathetic when requiredPositive
Confident & committedProvide an atmosphere of trust and support
Create empathyQuestioning and listening skills
DelegateRelaxed/Not stressed
Diplomatic & tactfulSet and measure objectives and standards
Empathy and understandingInvest time
EncouragingShow confidence in staff
Encourage self-discoverySensitive
Flexible & adaptabilitySympathetic
Genuine interest in peopleTeam Player
Give and receive constructive feedbackTrustworthy
Good communicatorUnderstand staff needs and motivation
Ability to planOverall Communications skills, EI
AnalyticalPrioritisation capabilities
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